Shea Jozana

Senior Personal Trainer

Shea Jozana

Areas of Expertise:

  • Superior Strength Training
  • Body Sculpturing
  • Fat Melting Boxercise sessions

Shea’s holistic approach focuses primarily on training and nutrition, while acknowledging the effect that stress and general lifestyle factors can have on our performance and wellbeing.

Combining superior strength, fat melting HIIT and kick-ass boxing training, Shea designs bespoke programs to make you look your fighting best, boosting metabolism and keeping you engaged at all times.

Having spent years developing his strength, expanding his knowledge in body composition techniques, carrying out experiments with calisthenics (advanced bodyweight training), he possesses a wealth of experience regarding protocols for both performance and aesthetic goals which he shares with his clients.

To find out how you can train with the the multi-functional Shea, please get in touch with our client services team at

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