While striving for physical health and longevity is essential to live your best life, it is vital that we learn how to better care for and tend to our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Therefore, we have partnered with the London Meditation Centre to provide our clients the opportunity to work with some of the leading meditation teachers in the world today.

Founded by Jillian Lavender and Michael Miller, the London Meditation Centre teaches Vedic Meditation, a technique in which you learn how to quickly and effortlessly settle the mind to its least excited state. When the mind is in this super-subtle state, your brain functioning is optimised and the body rests very deeply.

Every year more studies are released which highlight just how good meditation is for you, including benefits to health, emotional state, memory and relationships.

Your first step to learning Vedic Meditation will be to have an Introductory call with Jillian or Michael. They’ll explain what Vedic Meditation is, and how it’s different from other styles like mindfulness. You’ll learn what the science says about Vedic Meditation, how the course is taught and the structure of the course.

If you would like more information on the services provided by the London Meditation Centre, simply send us an enquiry and our team will respond as soon as possible.