Bav Davda

Bav Davda

Senior Trainer

Bav posseses over 10 years experience in fitness and mixed martial arts and has an excellent understanding of personal training for gym enthusiasts and athletes at all levels.

His clients have ranged from those in the film and television industry working to strict deadlines in order to fit their roles to athletes focused on endurance training, MMA, golf and long distance competitions.

Over the years he has adapted his training methods to work more with clients in the legal, financial and media sectors that simply wish to keep fit and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Bav understand that everyone has different needs and goals, so he ensures each individual receives the most personalised, safe and effective training approach possible with sessions that will leave you feeling energised and inspired.

Bav simply love’s what he does for a living and knowing what he knows about the positive link between physical health and mental health, allows him to fully appreciate clients results in both aspects.