Matt Roberts Evolution Prices

Initial Consultation

Includes Styku 3D body scan, functional movement analysis, fitness assessment and full blood screening.

Initital consultation

Dietitian consultation

Personal Training

All Personal Training sessions are valid for 6 months and subject to full terms & conditions.

Personal Trainer

Single session

10 sessions

25 sessions

Senior Trainer

Single session

10 sessions

25 sessions

Chris Thatcher

10 sessions

25 sessions

Jon Roberts

10 sessions

25 sessions

Matt Roberts

Price on request

Nutrition Services

An initial nutrition consultation with Registered Dietitian includes a pre-consultation questionnaire, a comprehensive blood test, a 60minute consultation, use of 3D body scanning device and a consultation summary/supportive material.

Single session

4 sessions

8 sessions

12 sessions

Blood Testing

Full range of tests & pricing available on request

Gut Health Analysis

Includes initial consultation, microbiome testing / report and 2 x follow up consultations with specialist gastroenterology dietitian.

Hormone Health Analysis

Includes a full hormone analysis via a blood test followed by a virtual consultation with Dr. Nicky Keay and report/GP letter.

London Meditation Centre Programmes

Services and pricing available on request