Roger Cue

Roger Cue

Head of Operations & Senior Trainer

Roger formerly worked in the corporate office world but made the switch to become a personal trainer 20 years ago following a newfound passion for fitness.

He is an advocate for spreading awareness about the benefits of exercise and healthy nutritional habits, emphasising that it’s never too late to embark on a health journey.

Passionate about calisthenics, running, and boxing, Roger has completed 12 Great North Runs and participated in 3 white collar boxing events.

He derives great satisfaction from witnessing clients achieve their goals, with successes ranging from improved posture and positive lifestyle changes to weight loss and enhanced self-esteem.

Roger truly believes in the importance of leading a healthy life through a focused attention to exercise and nutrition. His own personal transformation fuels a deep passion for educating others, aiming to guide them towards happier, healthier lifestyles, ultimately leading to a happier global community.