Roger Cue

Roger Cue

Operational Lead

Areas of Expertise

  • Fat burning aficionado
  • White Collar Boxing Specialist
  • 12 time Great North Run competitor
  • Specialist Bootcamp Instructor

Roger is one of the longest standing members of the team and that comes with bags of experience & immense passion for fitness.

Being the one of our few specialist Senior Trainers as well as the operational lead he runs a tight ship with an acute attention to detail. That makes him one of the most popular trainers amongst our ever growing client base here at Mayfair.

Offering kick-ass, fat stripping, sweat pouring style workouts Roger’s sessions are ever popular.

His wealth of experience from White Collar Boxing, a mere 12 Great North Runs, multiple 5 and 10k’s and many Bootcamps has created an ever growing demand from our client base to train with him. He also has a deceptively high of level of strength to weight ratio boasting a 10 rep max for 1.5 times (95kg) with a bodyweight of 75kg on pull ups and tricep dips!

To find out how you can train with our vastly experienced, versatile and beloved Senior Trainer Roger, please get in touch with our client services team at