Chris Thatcher

Chris Thatcher

Group Manager & Head Trainer

With over 20 years experience as a coach and fitness professional, Chris possesses a vast range of knowledge, skills and expertise that allow him to help his clients achieve greater health and longevity.

Qualified in various strength, rehabilitation and performance modalities, he has worked with a wide selection of people from professional sports to those simply wanting to improve body composition, build muscle and feel better.

While he is always driven to help those he works with achieve their most immediate goals, Chris’ greatest satisfaction comes from seeing his clients enjoy the many other life changing benefits that come as a result of their work together.

These range from developing greater self-confidence to improving their relationships, all the way to feeling more empowered to take on greater challenges in their personal and professional lives.

Ultimately, Chris’ true passion is helping others deeply envision, own and achieve their highest potential, in all aspects of life. Because, he believes that life is truly the pursuit of becoming our individual personal best, so that we can each fully express our own unique gifts to the benefit of all around us.