Katy-Alice Martin

Katy-Alice Martin

Personal Trainer

Katy-Alice discovered a passion for performing arts at young age, a journey that ultimately brought her to London, where she enrolled in one of the city’s leading drama schools. Her dedication and talent were rewarded with a First-Class BA HONS degree.

Transitioning from the world of performing arts, Katy-Alice found a new avenue for her passion, health and fitness. This transformative shift led her to become a certified Pilates instructor, achieving the prestigious STOTT Advanced Mat Pilates Certification.

With a wealth of knowledge and a desire to assist others on their wellness journeys, Katy-Alice aspires to empower her clients, both inside and outside the gym. Her mission goes beyond physical fitness; she aims to help others boost their confidence, feel stronger, live longer, and achieve their personal best.

Katy-Alice’s believes that a strong and confident body contributes to a more fulfilled and vibrant life. Her own journey has given her a highly versatile expertise and an unwavering dedication to helping others unlock their full potential.