Virtual Personal Training

The Matt Roberts Personal Training team have long been recognised as industry leaders. With more than a million hours delivered across the UK. Now, our expert training team can coach you wherever you are in the world!

We’ll be carrying out the same one-to-one training that we are renowned for at our private London Club, with the only difference being that its now delivered direct to you. Whether you are working from home, travelling for business or pleasure, or simply do not live close to us; we will be there to ensure accountability, maintain your motivation levels, and support you in achieving outstanding results.

Our team draw on a depth of experience, as well as an exceptional skill set, to devise a results-driven programme. A programme that is specific to your needs, but not limited by your location.

Your Matt Roberts virtual journey is focused on your personal goals and individual ability. While simultaneously considering and factoring-in the demands placed on you by your work and lifestyle.

We know good habits are the key to success. To ensure you can create a consistent exercise habit that fits in with your day-to-day life, we create the optimum working environment for our virtual training service. Training you via Portal, Zoom, Teams, or your preferred video communications platform.


Step 1
Let’s Talk! We will arrange a video consultation with you to discuss your training history, what you would like to achieve from your training, and assess your enviroment. We consider your schedule and availability and after that, you are then ready to book your training sessions. It’s that simple.

Step 2
Equipment! We will advise you which home equipment package you might need (if any). We handpick this equipment and organise rapid delivery direct to you, ready for our workouts together.

Step 3
Workout! You will be guided through your workouts as though we are right there with you. The work doesn’t stop when you press to finish the live call; we have chosen Whoop wearable technology, to further personalise your results and performance. We will be able to see your data for workouts, fitness levels, sleep patterns and more, to give you the most accurate 24/7 help and advice available. We are your full-time Trainer!