Virtual Personal Training

Book a personal training sessions live from Evolution, Mayfair

You can now book your Virtual Personal Training session with the Matt Roberts Team live from Evolution, Mayfair. Using our inhouse smart camera, your trainer will simply dial through to your smart phone or tablet using WhatsApp, Portal or Messenger. This state of the art technology will allow you to continue your training sessions with your trainer, whether you have equipment to hand or not, wherever you are in the world.

Matt and the team use their vast experience to develop a programme to train you in your gym, home or even outdoors ensuring you get the very best from every workout. Each session is delivered as if you are in our private club, allowing you to access our exclusive services whether you are working from home, travelling or simply do not live close to us.

We understand routine is the key to success and with our new service you will build habits that move with you and fit to your lifestyle.



“Excellent session, focused, prepared, as good as being in the gym.”

“It really very greatly exceeded my expectations, your guidance and feedback was almost the same as in the gym and I felt motivated enough to keep going when I might have stopped left to myself.”

“I was surprised at how effective and close to the face to face PT sessions my first virtual PT session was. I was exhausted afterwards and truly felt I had been pushed as hard as I usually get in the gym. The camera set up is really good and it is very easy to see and follow what the instructor tells you to do. I am very pleased MR has been innovative and user technology to ensure their clients can keep their routine. Would thoroughly recommend the virtual PT sessions.”

“I felt properly worked at the end which is an amazingly positive force not just for my physical but also my mental well being. It was great to be able to keep the training going in an entirely safe manner despite everything that is going on around us.”


Following Friday’s announcement that all restaurants, bars, cafes and gyms must close during this period of dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, we are sorry to say that we have to temporarily close our doors until such time that the Government advice is that we can reopen.

We are dealing with this challenge in the same way as many other companies in London. We are standing by our team throughout so that once it passes (as this first phase will hopefully do so in a relatively short period) we can look after their well-being and be ready to resume business at that point with our loyal team.

Whilst nobody wants to have to suspend services, the health of our clients and team is vital and we will do what we need to do in order to expedite the end of this crisis period.