Body by Lara focuses on muscle design, body transformation and anti-ageing in a workout created for both your face and body. The base of Lara’s research grew from the link between exercise and anti-ageing. Lara recognised the worldwide obsession and understands how exercise affects the body on a cellular level creating Body by Lara.

Body by Lara brings cardio interval training to movement based exercise methods, combining Pilates, Garuda, Gyrotonic, Barre and Plyometrics. After 16 years of experience in the fitness industry teaching Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Garuda, Booty Barre, Garude Barre and Face Yoga, with a background in sports science, Lara has created a workout designed to cover all aspects of fitness including anti-ageing. Body by Lara is results focused to create a sculpted physique, improved posture and flexible and agile body.


‘Before I started practicing Pilates, I used to say half-jokingly that staying in shape was 50% discipline and 50% vanity, now I realise what I hadn’t factored in was a sizeable proportion of science. Having that science explained and demonstrated by a practitioner as precise an cogent as Lara Hassan allowed me to progress beyond just ‘staying in shape’, and to a clearer understanding of how my body actually works, and that’s no joke..’ – Sting


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