Physiotherapy Services

The range of physiotherapy services available from Mayfair Physiotherapy at Matt Roberts Evolution.


Mayfair Pilates was born out of wanting to provide high quality movement and Pilates work to improve one’s life. We need to fight the effects of modern life and Mayfair Pilates can help deliver this.

We want to improve your spinal health and wellbeing by improving how you move and developing strength from within. Our team led by Specialist Physiotherapists will tailor a unique program to ensure good spinal health and wellness to enable you to reach you training or life goals.


We pride ourselves on offering an excellent assessment system for spinal injuries. Back pain is a complex condition and often very debilitating.

We try to simplify the process and collate all information to ensure a smooth and fast recovery to alleviate your pain. It will be important to share your scans should you have had these.

We perform a complete assessment followed by a manual therapy-based approach to identify the cause of your pain. We then look at addressing the underlying issues with an appropriate treatment plan which may include mobilisation, manipulation, muscle release work, neural mobilisation and needling. This will often be combined with an exercise-based approach to ensure there is no recurrence of the injury and that you return to your pre-injury state if not stronger.


Having worked across elite competitions including the Commonwealth games and with Australian Olympic athletes we are well-placed to manage and treat sports injuries. Our belief is that you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to be treated like one.

Just like how we push our athletes, we help you to achieve your return-to-activity goals. It is important to obtain an appropriate diagnosis of the type of injury and a thorough management plan.

Often it can be difficult to diagnose the chronic overuse-type injuries where there may be an involvement of many different factors. Our comprehensive assessment will be able to tease all that information out and allow us to identify any muscle imbalances and strength or flexibility deficits that may be contributing to the injury. We will help to settle the acute cycle and involve a specialist team where necessary and then build an appropriate program of stability and strength work to achieve a return to full function.

We want to ensure that we give you all the tools to help reduce your injury risk and get you back competing at whatever level that may be for you.


Diagnostic Ultrasound is a very useful adjunct to our clinical assessment.

We will often scan soft tissue pathology including tendons to assess the structural changes that may be contributing to your pain. This is combined with a detailed clinical assessment that allows us to be more specific about your pain and injury.

We will involve Sports Physicians or other expert clinicians that we work with to facilitate improved recovery and further imaging if necessary.


We offer high quality massage therapists who can help dovetail with our physio team and help to unload myofascial issues and muscle tension. Our massage therapists specialise in deep tissue release and often use a combination of techniques including myofascial release, trigger pointing and ischaemic pressure to help unload and release tension. This can combine nicely with a Pilates or personal training session.


Radial Shockwave therapy has been shown to be beneficial in tendinopathy. There is good Level 1 evidence of its effectiveness for tendon pathology. Radial shockwave is a focussed energy in the form of Soundwaves which are transmitted through a sound head to the tissue. It can sometimes be painful but most people find that they adapt to the mild discomfort during the session.

The tissue reacts to the pressure changes and the trauma of the soundwaves by generating a healing response.

This leads to altering the local biochemistry and structure around the region and can lead to a marked reduction in pain. It can be used across all tendons but there are some tendons that have a higher success rate than others like the Plantar Fascia, Achilles or Patellar tendon. With all tendon pathology it is useful to be able to assess the tendon structure diagnostically before embarking on a course of Shockwave Therapy which we can undertake all at Mayfair Physiotherapy. For further information please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing


Muscle imbalances occur commonly. These can be due to an old injury or a malalignment syndrome. They occur commonly around the pelvis and can lead to extensive pain and dysfunction in how you are moving leading to marked pain and joint problems.

It is imperative that you have a specialist assess how you move and check the muscle patterns throughout your body. We are highly skilled in diagnosing and using our manual skills and exercise therapy to improve your muscle imbalance and retrain the appropriate movement.

It is critical to look at the body as a whole and to understand why this is happening, be it your foot mechanics or an old ankle injury that might be contributing to this.


Acupuncture and dry needling have been used by Physiotherapists for many years now. It is widely accepted that needling can have profound effects on the muscle system and provide pain relief.

We use a combination of manual therapy and needling techniques to help unload tissue or provide pain relief for your injury. All our Physiotherapists are trained to a high standard and are members of the Acupuncture Association Chartered Physiotherapists.