Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) Circuit

The ‘more bang for your buck’ workout!

Take February up a level, raise intensity, increase performance and fight infection!

Last week we looked at how to come out of lockdown fitter, healthier and stronger. However, what if you are already there? Have you used this time to make the basics part of your ‘new normal?’ If you are ready drive your progress and performance further, my team and I have a few suggestions to get you there.

The ‘more bang for your buck’ workout!

If you are looking for a new challenge to your regular cardio and resistance training split or ready to accelerate your weight loss and lean muscle building goals, then Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) might well be the workout for you!

PHA is a fun, circuit based workout that combines cardio and resistance training with minimal rest in between exercises. The circuit alternates between upper and lower body exercises, causing your heart and lungs to work harder quickly circulating blood throughout the body. This increases the number of calories burned, which will help reduce body fat and build lean muscle.

Give this PHA circuit a go, aim for five rounds of these five exercises, with one minute rest in between each round.

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