Healthy Fundamentals

The basic and unfashionable healthy fundamentals are often overwhelmed by the most recent and fashionable trends.

At Matt Roberts we initially look to enable our clients to take command of these basic concepts that have the biggest impact on our client’s goals before moving on to more advanced strategies tailored to the goal.


In all walks of life we know that a certain amount of good quality sleep is imperative for fitness, body composition, mental performance and many other aspects. Having worked with over 100 different clients, one ever present theme was lack of sleep. Anything under 7-8 hours of good quality rest on a consistent basis will become detrimental. This is something that resonates not only with the many clients we train here at Matt Roberts but also with the vast majority of the population. Before anything else, make good quality sleep a priority and it’s highly likely that good things will happen.


As well as sleep quality, nutrition acts as a cornerstone to our wellbeing.  As a result we place a great deal of emphasis by including a nutritional analysis based a 5 day food diary to every client when they first come into our gym. We often find that protein intake is lower than desirable. Protein plays a vital function in the recovery process and as a result anyone who is involved in any kind of fitness endeavor has a higher requirement. These requirements will vary based on exercise modality, age, body composition but generally speaking aiming of 4-5 servings of protein rich food would put most in an advantageous position from a nutrition perspective.


This may seem obvious but is none the less an undervalued habit. An adequate intake of fruit and vegetables is something that is often found amongst the population as a whole. We strive to correct this and in doing so, help to increase satiation (feeling of fullness) following meals, subsequently helping to gain control over one’s caloric intake. The increased intake of vitamins and minerals help to make effective use of our macronutrient intake (protein, carbohydrates and fats).

If you are unsure how to include these healthy fundamentals into your life then we can help. At Matt Roberts we have some of the most experienced and qualified trainers in London who can guide you through bespoke nutritional advice, to ensure you lead a healthy and balanced life.