5 Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

Follow these 5 tips to help stay healthy this winter.

  1. Drink plenty of water – not only will drinking water help your body to detox after the Christmas period but having a hydrated mouth helps to strength our immune system and will fight against coughs and colds. Water will also allows our lymph to travel more effectively around the body helping us to get rid of nasty invaders.
  2. A great New Year resolution that beats giving up chocolate every time is to prioritise your sleep! Sleep has a huge effect on our cortisol levels and therefore our immune system. Aiming for 8 hours a night will help to ward off winter bugs.
  3. Listen to your body. Getting started on a New Year fitness plan is great but if you are feeling a little under weather take note and change your training. Doing a restorative session focused on stretching and mobility will keep you moving but not place unnecessary stress on the body allowing you to fight of infection more easily.
  4. Eat your greens. In the cold and dark month of January focusing on making sure you include vegetables from all varieties into your diet will supply the body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Doing so will boost your immune system and help to protect you against winter illnesses.
  5. Wear gloves – it may sound strange but if you are a regular commuter on trains or tubes it is a good idea to keep your winter gloves on while you travel. So many bugs are transported and picked up on the handrails and seats of public transport that by keeping your hands bug free you will significantly reduce your exposure.