Harnessing Hormones

A workshop series bringing hormones to life in a practical and interactive way.

Following the success of our Hormone Masterclass series, we are delighted to announce our new interactive workshop series launching 5th July 2023 delivered jointly by Dr. Nicky Keay and our Registered Dietitian, Nicola Marsh.


In this workshop series, our experts will empower you with information you need to cultivate a powerful understanding of your hormonal health as well as practical nutrition and lifestyle strategies to work in sync with your hormones to reach your full potential.

What is the workshop series about?

Our first hormone workshop series will be delivered across 3 parts with an emphasis on the menstrual cycle. The workshops will be held online via Zoom with up to 15 participants per workshop.

5th July

In part 1, Dr. Nicky and Dietitian Nicola will walk you through the female hormone network. You will learn what hormones are, what they do and why they matter. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your own ideas about nutrition and exercise and how to harness your hormones for the better.

12th July

In part 2, you will take a whistle stop tour of the different contraception options available, how they work and what you may need to consider when making a choice. Together, our experts will talk about the role of lifestyle and nutrition to optimise health and fertility from preconception to post-natal and beyond.

19th July

And in our 3rd and final part, you’ll explore hormone-related issues with expert guidance from our team. You’ll discuss what happens when there are lifestyle imbalances leading to hormone disturbances including functional hypothalamic amenorrhea and subclinical ovulatory issues or in other cases, such as PCOS.

Please note that our second workshop series will launch later in the year. It will also be delivered in 3 parts over Zoom with an emphasis on the menopause.


Who is this workshop series for?

This workshop series is for you if:

  • your menstrual cycle gets in the way of life holding you back from doing the things you love and you want to know what you can do to move from month to month with greater ease.
  • you are a healthcare professional, trainer or coach supporting women and you want to help them harness their hormones to reach their full potential.
  • you are simply curious and want to understand more about hormonal health and why it matters.