Training Tips and Injury Prevention

At Matt Roberts Evolution we understand that injuries happen, sometimes regardless of the intensity or frequency of exercise. Our belief is that you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to be treated like one.

As we approach Spring and draw closer to Marathon season we are looking to support not only our running community but all athletes to help you achieve your activity goals. Mayfair Physiotherapy offer a comprehensive assessment to identify any muscle imbalances, strength or flexibility deficits that may be contributing to injuries and build a management plan to get you back to competing, whatever level that may be.

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to attend the first of our series of Matt Roberts Live seminars “Training Tips and Injury Prevention”.

Join myself and Mayfair Physiotherapy and Pilates Founder Simon Gilchrist as we look at some common strategies used to combat injuries with an in depth discussion on strength and conditioning for injury prevention and management.

For further information on attending the seminar please email