The Three Best Supplements For Men

Although many of the essential nutrients we need in our lives occur naturally in food and it is just about making sure we select the right ones, it is sometimes necessary give our bodies a little extra help.

Here are our three best supplements for men.


Everybody has heard of this one, and there is an abundance of information and opinions out there, but the only thing you need to know about it is that you should definitely be taking it. It is full of Essential Fatty Acids EFA’s , the one’s our bodies can’t produce on their own, so it is crucial we get enough of it from outside sources.

Taking it daily can help lower cortisol levels. This hormone is known as the stress hormone and can inhibit your fat loss and can lead to muscle breakdown. Reduced cortisol levels will also reduce inflammation in the body, which is good for general health and can help you with looking leaner, bonus! Take alongside a meal for optimum effect.


ZMA is a precise combination of zinc and magnesium. Introducing this has been shown to increase muscle strength. The zinc content will improve immune function and is important in cell growth and repair and in protein synthesis. A deficiency in zinc can cause testosterone levels to drop, impairing performance in and outside of the gym. Magnesium can help with settling sleep patterns, controlling insulin sensitivity and the functioning of a healthy nervous system. Together, it is one serious supplement for those serious about their training.


An adequate amount of protein is essential in our diets, if our goal is putting on muscle mass, or if our goal is losing fat. If you lead a busy life it can be hard to make sure you have easy access to it. Step in the protein shake. Without enough protein in your diet, the process of repairing muscle tissue after exercise will not take place, inhibiting increase in fat free muscle mass. Protein also reduces ghrelin production in the body, which is the hormone that tells your body you are hungry, so if you are trying to lose weight, it can put a stop to those mid meal cravings. A whey based protein is the fastest digesting protein available, so will get to work the quickest. Keep a supply at the office, mix with water (or milk if you need the calories) and never be caught out for a quick, easy snack.

Source: The Gentleman’s Journal