Keep Doing What You Love For Longer

These exercises will continue to strengthen and reduce the risk of injury.

Sadly, we cannot slow the aging process, however there are things we can control along the way to support our longevity and allow us to continue doing the things we enjoy as we age.

In our earlier post we looked at the impact of sitting down for hours at a time and the weakening of our stabilising muscles. We gave you a series of lateral movements to strengthen those muscles surrounding your hips and lower back and hopefully you are starting to see the improvements. Now it’s time to mobilise and create a greater range of motion in both the hips and lower back, as well as the pelvic area.

These exercises will continue to strengthen and reduce the risk of injury, as well as contributing to:

  • Improved posture. Sitting and standing with a neutral and ‘taller’ spine, not in kyphosis, (rounded shoulders) can help with the stiffness in your neck and mid back.
  • Improved core strength. Support, stabilise and strengthen muscles surrounding the lumbar spine and pelvis which make up part of your core.
  • Improved sport specific performance. Strengthen the abdomen and hip flexors that support body functions used for tennis, golf, squash and weight training.
  • Overall balanced muscle groups and proportions. Training the lower back can be a powerful tool for preventing many kinds of back pain, supporting sitting upright daily when we don’t have the option to move around and generally helping us move better throughout day-to-day activities.

Including these exercises in your day will continue the drive to a Younger. Fitter. Stronger you!