How To Come Out Of Lockdown Fitter, Healthier, Stronger!

You may recall we looked at the effect the first lockdown had on our bodies, from a variety of data sources, and the results were both fascinating and worrying at the same time.

As we once again find ourselves stuck in a chair on back-to-back Zoom meetings, are you suffering a stiff lower back or feeling like one side of your body is stronger than the other? This is likely due to weak stabilising muscles surrounding your hips and lower back. Fear not they can be strengthened by different forms of lateral exercises.

Lateral movements are vital for preventing injury by strengthening the muscles that support important joint structures around the hips and ribcage. They are essential in building a solid core and help minimise lower back issues. The stabiliser muscles used in lateral exercises; internal and external obliques (below and to the side of your ribcage) and quadratus lumborums (either side of your lumbar spine) also provide increased body balance and coordination, neglecting them can cause imbalances.

Finally, lateral exercises are a great way to mix up your routine and give your body new challenges! Why not try the exercises in our video? With the isometric, holding and bracing, exercises complete 3 sets of 30-45 seconds each side and with the reps 15-20, also 3 sets each side.