Descente x Matt Roberts

Having supplied clothing to the Japanese, United States, Swiss, Canadian and German Winter Olympic delegations, as well as the British Triathlon team, we asked Descente for their expertise on the benefits of choosing performance athletic wear.

For many people choosing work out clothes is an afterthought. However, there are many important advantages to be gained by having the proper clothing. The first is psychological. The phrase “dress for success” applies in business settings as well as in the fitness world. There is ample research showing that just thinking you are wearing the proper clothing can improve workout performance.  When you wear performance workout gear which fits properly, it feels better giving you the confidence to perform at your best.

Safety is another important aspect to performance clothing. When clothes don’t fit properly and especially if they are too loose, they can be unsafe to work out in and restrict your movement. Somewhat tight-fitting shorts and shirts are ideal for gym workouts as they provide you with maximum freedom of movement.

Finally, comfort is another factor which is often discounted when people select work out gear. Performance workout clothes are made of soft, stretchy materials which move with your body. These fabrics also provide a sweat wicking effect which helps keep you cooler and dryer. Comfortable clothes allow you to work out longer and harder. While all three of these factors combined add up to provide a significant advantage to working out in baggy old cotton designs.

Founded in Japan in 1935, the Descente brand began by producing skiwear and has since moved into a wider variety of athletic pursuits to become one of the top brands in Asia.  Now Descente is looking to make their mark as an athletic wear brand in Europe thru operation of their London Carnaby Street Flagship Store.

Descente’s design philosophy “Form follows function” is evident in all of their products. Focusing on minimalism while ensuring that each design feature has a unique useful function their products are as stylish as they are functional. Descente has a wide range of products from ski to the athletic wear, which have all been carefully developed utilizing years of experience.  Thru Descente’s decades of sponsorship of top level teams including the Swiss Ski Team, German Bobleigh Team and the British Triathlon Team they have developed extensive technical expertise for athletic performance gear. These innovations are applied to their full line up of products.

Best described as “Premium Athletic Wear” Descente’s athletic collection is a perfect fit for Matt Roberts, offering stylish, minimalist designs made with top of the line performance features.  Many of Descente’s athletic clothes feature the F-360 design pattern which uses larger pieces of fabric eliminating excess seems and producing garments which allow for maximum freedom of movement. Design innovations are combined with top level performance materials which are highly breathable, elastic and lightweight making for the ultimate in performance athletic wear. This season all Matt Roberts trainers are outfitted with Descente athletic wear products. Descente products can be found at the Carnaby Street Flagship Store or on Descente’s UK Amazon shop.

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