Our blood tells us almost all that we need to know about ourselves, whether it is cholesterol and its healthy ratio of good and bad components, our glucose level showing our propensity to diabetes, PSI level to check men’s prostate function, our red blood cell count for oxygen, our white cell count for immunity, the profile of our vitamin and mineral make-up, our cortisol stress hormone levels or our testosterone or oestrogen levels. The list of data that our blood gives us goes on and on, and yet in most people’s life there is very little awareness of any measure of most of these items.

Knowledge is king. Understanding how our bodies are changing, adapting or fighting is the first step towards making genuinely significant changes to our lifestyle which at worst, will hopefully make us feel better and more energised and, at best, may help us make lifesaving decisions about our actions.

We have partnered with Werlabs in order to give you the chance to have a thorough screening and analysis of your blood. The process of taking blood could not be easier, with nurses able to visit you at your home or office and take just 10 minutes of your time for a sample. You can also visit one of the numerous drop-in centres for blood to be taken. The process is fully approved and delivered using NHS nurses and centres, whilst the analysis and report delivery is carried out by Werlabs own medical team.

Traditionally with blood tests costing anywhere from £400 to £1000, the cost was always off-putting. Our partnership with Werlabs gives you the opportunity to have a thorough screening and analysis of your blood at a much lower cost. Comprehensive tests start from only £99.



Order your Werlabs blood screening by following the steps below:

  • Visit www.werlabs.co.uk and choose from the tests that are on offer (I would recommend the Blood Test XL as an initial test and include additional ‘add on’ tests such as cortisol & testosterone (for men).
  • Order blood test using your Matt Roberts Code (matt10) and create your account.
  • Take the test. Search for a local NHS clinic using the Werlabs website or schedule a home visit with a qualified nurse anywhere in the UK.
  • Receive your results, usually within 48 hours. The UK qualified doctors will analyse your results to help understand important aspects of your health.
  • Track your health. Access your results securely in your journey & track the effect your lifestyle can have on your health over time.

Living well, feeling healthy and heading off illness at the earliest opportunity is something we should all aspire to, and Werlabs has made this a low cost, high service opportunity to feel exponentially better.