I am a serving member of the Royal Air Force, currently on deployment, and I wish to send an email of thank you to Matt Roberts. Prior to deploying, I decided to enter for my first half marathon, following a bout of injury. The goal seemed a long way off at the time, due to only beginning to run again properly in April. I was reading the Times newspaper, and found his article for the 12 Week Training Programme for a Half Marathon, and decided to use it to help me. When I found out I was deploying, I did not know whether this was still achievable due to the significant change in climate, however the progressive nature of the programme has allowed me to still develop and get stronger and more capable every day. The programme is part of my daily routine, and really helps boost my morale and determination, especially when being so far away from loved ones. In fact, one of my colleagues has seen me training and is now getting involved too! Thanks to the plan, I feel confident that when I return home, I will be able to complete my first half marathon (The Great Scottish Run in Glasgow) in a time I will be proud of.

Once again, thank you to Matt for the programme I found by chance, it has really made a difference for me out here.

"After a fitness hiatus I was keen to restart my return to fitness slowly but steadily. With the ultimate aim of getting "mountain fit" for climbing this year your trainers have recognised and crafted a programme that I find both technically challenging and interesting.

In seven sessions, my body is stronger, posture greatly improved and confidence restored in preparation for my upcoming Scottish climbing course."

"I came to Matt Roberts City feeling nervous that a lack of fitness would hold me back and sceptical that I'd see real results when previous diets and exercise regimes had never been successful. What I've experienced simply could not have proved me more wrong.

My main motivation was weight loss and in just five months I've lost over 2.5 stone - that it itself is incredible, but surprisingly it's just the beginning. What was totally unexpected was how the team's coaching and support has led to a complete change of lifestyle for me - one that has made me feel better educated about the food choices I make, much more confident in challenging my body to reach the next goal, and most importantly remarkably more confident in how I look and feel every day.

What I've discovered about Matt Roberts City is that the trainers don't just give you a programme, they look for precision in every movement to make sure you maximise your time in the gym, carefully teach technique and provide a whole education about lifestyle choices outside of your sessions.

I was lucky enough to be paired with Dan Redwood who designed a programme that is achievable yet challenging, and constantly updated to maximise weight loss. He has provided endless guidance around food choices, meal ideas and supplement suggestions, has explained the science behind why these choices are effective, has been a stickler for ensuring every movement in the gym is performed in the correct way, and has shown from the very beginning that he is as passionate as I am about meeting my goals.

But at Matt Roberts City you get to know the whole team, and they are all - from the reception staff through to the manager - incredibly supportive, friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. As a result, it's the first time I've ever enjoyed exercising and seen real reward. I would encourage anyone - no matter what your fitness level, your anxieties, or your goals to give them a try. I have complete confidence that whether you've been committed to fitness for a long time and want to be pushed to the next level or whether you're a complete beginner like me that you'll be challenged to over-achieve and thoroughly impressed by the team's dedication."

"Patrick is an excellent PT and is offering some very useful advice to accompany the training! I'll certainly be signing up for some further sessions."

"I am really enjoying the training at Matt Roberts. Dan and Steve are great and work seamlessly together. There is real benefit to having two trainers - not just because of the flexibility it gives me in terms of fitting my weekly sessions in but also because each has different interests and strengths and a slightly different approach from which I can learn. A big thank you to both of them. I have trained with a PT previously but have never done so much stretching, flexibility work and focus on technique. I am really enjoying that side of the training. The nutritional side has also been incredibly informative. I feel I am in safe hands. Information is presented very intelligently and without any sort of judgement. We have very different life styles but both Dan and Steve do understand that and are trying to help me put up some decent building blocks into my working week. Above all it is great to work with sportsmen - that I have never done before; my trainers have just been "gym bunnies"; I think my mental approach to training benefits hugely from working with two trainers who are part of competitive teams outside of the gym. They have a fundamentally different approach to exercise to me and I am learning some good habits.

Also a big thank you to the team on reception. They are always very friendly, take a real interest in clients, extremely professional and organised. I have never missed a session and everyone involved in making my programme work has been very flexible and accommodating.

The environment in which we train is amazing. Private training space is wonderful. I don't work through anger in the gym; I go there to relax, through exercise, and escape from my job. I go there for calm. The Club and the team you have there really support that."

"I am delighted with the team and the service. I’m positive that it is doing a great deal for me and I’m certainly not yet at the point where I dread coming over. The team are fantastic, the gym is clean, uncrowded, good atmosphere, efficient, uncomplicated and convenient. I have absolutely no comments other than praise."

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you've done for me since I started in the Spring. Roger, I will miss doing TRX with you, the steps ups, medicine balls/Russian twists (and the banter about my banana-based diet), as well as all the serious crazy core work with Greer, who just kept pushing my boundaries because she clearly knew them better than I did. I also won't forget the times that Greer changed the single arm row weights without me noticing. And how can I forget that core work band that really did the trick - I literally saw my abs grow.

As I told Roger and Greer - in part due to the serious core and glutes work, I was able to muster up the courage and strength to get up a 13,000 foot mountain peak last week - the first time I've ever done it. Required stamina, level headedness, and engagement of the core (seriously, on the way down, I was muttering to myself and kept saying: "engage the core, engage the core")!

You've done wonders for my physical strength at a time of huge adjustment in my professional life, and it is in large part thanks to you that I can now move abroad feeling more confident, stronger, and healthier. I've learnt that health isn't something you take for granted, and so thank you to all of you for being so patient with me."

"Clodagh has been training me for several times a week since July 2013, taking me on as a total beginner in the gym. It is thanks to her quiet perseverance and excellence that for the first time in my life I am enjoying training, indeed enjoying physical exercise! Clodagh makes a point of treating me holistically, asking about and monitoring my diet, nutrition and lifestyle, any injuries or health issues, and also appreciates the pressures of a working schedule and how best to combine all the elements to achieve my fitness goals.

The programme she devises for me is varied and fun and she illustrates how to get the most out of each exercise, patiently monitoring each repetition and helping me each step along the way. Clodagh is encouraging, while understanding my limitations, but also gives me the push, and belief in myself, I need to accomplish more week on week, so that I am stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier than ever before. I am very thankful to have been paired with a friendly, inspiring and caring trainer without whom I would not have turned things around as I have or had the motivation to continue. I cannot recommend her and my experience of training with her more highly."

"I came to Matt Roberts to add some focus to my training, particularly around core stability and functional strength training. The sessions are really tailored to my goals and are always evolving to keep it fresh and challenging. I am really seeing the benefits flow through to the other sports I take part in."

"I've been a Matt Roberts client for over eight years and have been training regularly at the Mayfair gym. Clodagh maintains the very high standards of all of her colleagues with whom I've trained in the past. No two sessions are the same and, as a consequence, training never becomes boring even on three or more sessions per week. However, with variation there is also consistency with attention paid to personal requirements or injury concerns. Most importantly, Clodagh is great fun to have as a trainer and even though that doesn't make some exercises less challenging, it certainly makes them more tolerable! I would highly recommend Clodagh as a personal trainer."

"I've been a client at Hampstead since summer last year. The support and guidance I have received not only with nutrition and fitness but also with the behavioural and mental aspect of my training has been intrinsic to my goals. My trainer was extremely knowledgeable and personable and complemented this with excellent communication and motivational skills.

The front of house team have also been integral to my experience providing exceptional client care, customer service and a warm smile at every visit.

The experience has been life-changing thanks to the superb team at Hampstead."

"I decided to join Matt Roberts gym in Hampstead after reading excellent reviews online from all the main newspapers. I was feeling frumpy, dumpy and wearing size 16 clothes but, three months later I had lost a stone in weight, my clothes were too big and falling off me. It was the best thing I’d done in ages.

All the staff are very friendly, organised and welcoming. I had fixed appointments three times a week which meant I had to turn up, my trainer was waiting for me. You don’t need to know anything about exercise you just have to turn up. They do the rest. They make you feel they want you to reach your goal just as much as you do. I love coming and look forward to each session. I’m so happy and feeling much fitter.

I would highly recommend Matt Roberts to everyone no matter what fitness level you are. It’s just about making the effort to turn up. The trainers do the rest. It’s amazing, it really works. Just give it a go, you won’t be disappointed."

"After 10 years of dieting, not dieting, exercising, not exercising, and 'being good', followed by huge blow outs, I needed to make a few changes. Well, a lot of changes. Working in the City and working long desk-bound hours combined with big nights out had given me the perfect excuse to continue my unhealthy yo-yo lifestyle.

So in February 2013 I decided I needed change and started training with Shelley. In the 10 months since, I have lost 3st/19kg at a steady and consistent pace, and thanks to Shelley, I have found it easy to keep up a 2-3 times a week routine with working, and going out. Shelley regularly changes my programs to keep things interesting and challenging, and her bubbly personality means I really look forward to my sessions, even if it's far too cold or too early to go! But Shelley's expertise is not limited to training; her nutritional knowledge and guidance has had a huge impact on my lifestyle meaning I can enjoy what I do and eat more cleanly than I ever have before. It is obvious that Shelley absolutely loves what she does and her enthusiasm is infectious.

I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I have a perfect balance of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. I no longer feel deprived or guilty if I have a night off my plan and for this I have to thank Shelley - she is an excellent ambassador who loves her job and is inspiring to others and cares about her clients. She practices what she preaches whilst understanding the temptations of the 'real world'. Shelley never makes me feel guilty if I fall off the wagon, instead she encourages me (very successfully) to get straight back on and more forward. Thanks to Shelley, I have the tools for a long and healthy future!"