Tom Franklin

Personal Trainer at Kensington & Chelsea

Area of expertise: Fat Loss and Strength Training

Tom has been a health advocate for almost his entire adult life. In his earlier days, Tom was a keen and open-minded sports enthusiast and could be regularly seen both on the rugby pitch and on the running track. It was only in 2008 when Tom first entered a gym that he found where his true passion lay. He has always valued the importance of correct education, and as a Personal Trainer his ethos revolves around keeping up-to-date with all the latest science and knowledge. Tom places emphasis on the importance of teaching individuals correctly in order them to adopt good behaviours in the long-term.

With over 6 years of experience in the gym, Tom has a broad range of skillsets and can deliver sessions to address his clients’ needs in order achieve desired results quickly. In line with his own personal interest in research, Tom considers his area of expertise to be based on ensuring clients achieve their desired goals in terms of weight loss/gain. Tom is well-versed in the factors that can positively or negatively affect body composition and is able to work with clients to delivery effective fat loss or muscle building programmes.

Tom left the UK in 2015, working within the industry overseas in Australia and Asia.  Working outdoors and away from the gym and the subsequent equipment, Tom began to adopt a more unconventional method of training and coaching and likes to incorporate these methods into his client routines. This can include beginner to advanced plyometrics, highly effective bodyweight circuits and a marriage of resistance and cardiovascular endurance work. Tom takes an avid interest in his clients both inside and outside the gym, is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and places a high emphasis on encouraging his clients to make the best diet choices to achieve their goal.

The greatest pleasure Tom takes from his job is knowing an individual has not only achieved the success they were looking for, but they have the knowledge and motivation to make it a life-long change.