Tim Ferrier

Senior Trainer at City

Area of expertise: Strength, Hypertrophy & Lifestyle

Having around 10,000 hours of gym floor experience, Tim has continued to increase his knowledge to ensure that every client gets the most out of their time training under his guidance. His recent skill-set includes Sports and Exercise Nutrition and Functional Training for Sports.

His approach to training sessions is to simply focus on the basics. His strategy involves implementing the traditional primary exercises with the aim to help develop a good foundation of strength, movement and muscle. This aims to not only make you look better but to also feel better, with an emphasis on improving performance; whether it be for sports or day-to-day life.

Outside of the gym, Tim’s philosophy is equally simple. Without resorting to drastic measures, the philosophy he follows is to develop small positive changes in lifestyle and dietary habits that will allow each individual to enjoy their life whilst still achieving their goals. At the same time he hopes to help abolish many of the nutrition myths that have plagued the health and fitness industry for many decades.

Tim believes that results are achieved through hard work, commitment and consistency. With a strong belief in educating and mentoring those who train alongside him, he aims to ensure that each and every person builds upon the coaching they receive in their time working alongside him to ensure they are set up for long-term success.