Steve Goodacre

Club Manager at Mayfair

Area of expertise: Postural assessment and correction, scientific strength training

Steve is a long standing member of the team at Mayfair and combines his role of Club Manager with his primary passion of Personal Training. Steve is a highly experienced and knowledgeable trainer who specialises in the integrated fields of corrective exercise, high performance conditioning and lifestyle management. Steve is focused on the results his clients achieve and strongly believes in producing a programme that is unique and ideally suited to what the client need to achieve their goals. His attention to the administration of a detailed nutrition plan combined with the accurate design of a training programme is the basis of his clients achieving fantastic results.

To improve his knowledge and skill set, Steve strives to gain the best industry based qualifications. To compliment these he attends seminars and reviews articles and journals published by some of the world’s most reputed trainers. Steve already holds qualifications from the Chek Institute, NASM and Premier to name but a few.

Steve’s sporting interest mainly consists of playing rugby and strength training within the gym environment to improve his physical performance within this sport.