Omari Caro

Personal Trainer at City

Area of expertise: Strength and Conditioning

Omari’s passion for personal training stems from a love for fitness and a desire to help others achieve goals.

Omari’s background is a sporty one, having been a professional rugby player for 8 years, both at club level and International level. Being in a team environment for such a long period of his life, Omari has acquired a skill set that allows him to decision make, problem solve and work with others to get desired results.

His strength as a personal trainer lies in his attentive client focused approach. He has the ability to help his clients achieve their goals through meticulous and constructive planning, whilst making them feel at ease with his positive and infectiously driven attitude.

Working with people of all ages, Omari provides in-depth lifestyle assessment, professional coaching and goal-setting to keep those he works with motivated throughout the entire process.