Mirko Ferron

Personal Trainer at Mayfair

Area of expertise: Movement, Body Transformation, Training for Swimming

Mirko is a friendly and easy-going individual with over 15 years of coaching experience. Having taught people of all ages and abilities in various sports including swimming, gymnastics and martial arts, Mirko understands how to work with a number of goals. Mirko currently focuses on body transformation, movement control and functional training as well as conditioning for swimming and general sports.

He has an ASA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics, NCFE (REP) Level 2 Certificate in Fitness instructing, and an NCFE (REP) Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. Along with this he graduated with a BA Degree in Finance and Management and an MA Post Graduate Diploma Master in Sport Business Strategies.

Mirko’s career in sport began with swimming when he found his passion for coaching others; shortly after he discovered his love for martial art. Mirko has since practiced traditional Karate, kick boxing, Capoeira and Musical Form where he competed at National and International Levels.

Mirko strongly believes that anything can be achieved if you really want it, and if you are ready to dedicate time. When coaching he analyses and separates every single movement to make the exercise as achievable and beneficial as possible. Mirko believes that hard work and a great understanding of movement will help achieve your goals with his personal motto ‘control your body, achieve your goals’.