Matt Harding

Personal Trainer at Kensington & Chelsea

Area of expertise: Strength and Conditioning

Matt‘s passion for personal training stems from a love for fitness and a desire to help others achieve goals.

Matt comes from sporting background, where he has played rugby, tennis, squash, swimming, football, cricket, hockey and track and field events, all at different levels. This has given him a great understanding of movement which is reflected in his programming where he has the skills to cater for a client’s specific needs and abilities.

Matt aims for the best results in each session by prescribing the appropriate level of difficulty to put an individual at the edge of their comfort zone while keeping them engaged and focused.

Matt’s background gave him the drive to always push harder and set new goals for his own personal endeavours. Appreciating that this requires mental strength and focus, along with a healthy lifestyle, he uses his energy, drive and experience to influence his clients to strive for their physical potential.

Matt specializes in strength and conditioning for sports, circuit and high intensity interval training, as well as training for physique and body composition goals.