Marc Alamara

Personal Trainer at Mayfair

Area of expertise: Physique & body composition training

Marc’s ethos on training unifies the benefits of nutrition, strength, posture correction, high intensity interval training and core stability for overall fitness.

Marc comes from a unique extreme sporting background of “martial arts tricking” – blending gymnastics, martial arts acrobatics and dance. Experience in power training also led him to compete in the London Heathrow Youth Games representing Westminster in weightlifting. Marc is sponsored as a competitive fitness model and was placed 4th in his first competition, Miami pro.

This combined experience has allowed Marc to become adept in a variety of strength programmes and gymnastics conditioning. It has also given him an individual understanding of the importance of flexibility and joint mobility which he is able to pass on to his clients.

Since qualifying as a personal trainer Marc has gained several years’ experience in delivering popular group circuit classes and outdoor bootcamps with the ability to produce fantastic results through a range of equipment.

Marc’s strength as a personal trainer lies in his attentive client focus through one on one session delivery. He has the ability to achieve his client’s individual goals in a meticulously constructive way, whilst making them feel at ease through his positive and infectiously driven attitude.