Julia Bondar

Personal Trainer at City

Area of expertise: Fat loss, Muscle building, Strength, Flexibility

Julia fell in love with sports when she was 10 years old. She started to be engaged in fitnessĀ  by attending Dance school for 10 years.

Julia started to work as a Personal trainer and decided to pursue her career in fitness after she graduated from University. She went to work for 2 years on board a cruise ship, where she exchanged experience and knowledge with other fitness professionals from all around the world.

After moving to the UK, Julia completed her UK personal trainer qualifications in one of the bestĀ  PT schools in London. After receiving her Level 2 and 3 certificates Julia started to help people in London to achieve their goals.

Julia is specialised in fat loss, muscle gain, strength and conditioning. Also she always tries to provide her clients with nutrition advice to help them to improve through not only their training, but also their lifestyle.