Jules Wallis

Personal Trainer at Mayfair

Area of expertise: Body Composition, Structural Balance and Health Management

As a graduate and Masters degree student, Jules has drawn on his education to fuel his interest and expertise in training and nutrition for health and performance. Having competed in a variety of sports growing up, Jules gradually became more interested in the physiological aspects of sport and consequently directed his education towards helping others achieve their fitness goals. He has previously worked with Manchester City Football Club and British Athletics, as well as with general population clients in Manchester, helping clients to achieve their fat loss goals, reverse Type II diabetes, improve strength and aerobic performance and enhance their movement capabilities.

Jules’s main principles dictate the need for strength to be built on a foundation of proper movement mechanics, for our health goals to dictate our lifestyle choices, and for a healthy mind to be built alongside a healthy body. He believes that within the pursuit of our health and fitness goals lie useful metaphors for our continuous personal development and therefore has the potential to be an extremely powerful force in directing a person’s path in life.