Jordan Brown

Personal Trainer at Mayfair

Area of expertise: Physique and body composition training

Jordan has been working in the health and fitness industry for the past 4 years with a vast variety of clients, ranging from children to the elderly and gym novices to elite athletes.

He is a published fitness model and has appeared in Men’s Health magazine, as well as shooting for companies such as Nike and Powerade to name a few. Sport and exercise have however had a tremendous influence on Jordan his entire life. Coming from a family where his father and uncle were professional basketball players, the motivation to succeed, push the limits and constantly exceed expectations has been ingrained in him. Naturally, he played basketball from a very young age, and has represented the north of England on numerous occasions before attending the University of Worcester and representing on a national level. It was at university that he discovered his love for exercise and body transformation, and upon graduation with a degree in Sports Studies (BSc) he decided to turn his passion into an occupation, quickly achieved his Level 3 (REPS) Certificate in Personal Training and has not looked back.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Jordan competed as a physique athlete in the extremely popular Miami Pro to not only further push the boundaries of what he perceived his body was capable of, but to achieve a greater understanding of the journey his clients go through when training to achieve their goals, as well as the inevitable knowledge gained from this process.

Having worked with a diverse clientele throughout his years in the health and fitness industry, along with his university degree, Jordan has amassed a great cross-section of knowledge which leaves him well equipped to tailor his training programmes to clients of ranging abilities and goals. Jordan has a relaxed, yet fun loving and energetic approach to training and lives by the philosophy that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Only the strong survive.