Joanna Kukulska

Personal Trainer at City

Area of expertise: Core strength & mobility training

Joanna has been passionate about sport and fitness since a very young age. She studied Sport Science at Masters Level at The University of Physical Education and Sports in Poland.

During her five years of academic and practical study, she gained extensive knowledge in human anatomy and physiology.  At the same time, she became particularly accomplished at sport with distinction and specialism in Gymnastics.  Through this she gained a deep knowledge of mobility, flexibility and core strength which is transferred into her training sessions.

After qualifying as a Personal Trainer Joanna worked with a wide range of clients of different ages and abilities and always has a particular focus on injury prevention. She has tried and tested many different styles of training such as CrossFit, Functional training, Weightlifting, Yoga and Mobility and incorporates this knowledge and experience into her sessions wherever necessary.

Joanna has a holistic approach to fitness. She believes that there is a complex connection between mind and body and that keeping the right balance between exercising, balanced diet and emotional wellbeing is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Working with clients, she makes her training sessions challenging, effective and enjoyable. Her mission is to make people stronger and more importantly flexible and mobile for everyday life.