Ioanna Savva

Senior Trainer at Kensington & Chelsea

Area of expertise: Natural Movement, Posture & Body Mechanics

Ioanna fell in love with sports and athletic training at a very early age, when during a summer holiday she learned about gymnastics and was able to do her first handstand by herself. Growing up, she continued her training in all kinds of sports including Gymnastics, Swimming, Handball and Basketball. During her final teen years she devoted her life to competitive rowing.

She gained a BSc in Health and Physical Education in the U.S.A. While still a student, she worked as a swimming instructor, developing trainer-to-client relationships and discovered that through exercise, people can find courage, support and health. She believes that sport and exercise can be life-changing factors, no matter what age people start or resume participation.

Ioanna further developed her skills and knowledge with an MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, because she maintains that exercise is always interlinked with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Immediately after, she acquired her REPs personal training qualification and REPs Level 4 qualification, specializing in understanding and reducing lower back pain. Since becoming fully qualified, she has worked both as a coach for different sports (swimming, rowing, football etc.), as well as a personal trainer for a variety of age groups. Despite having worked in a variety of environments – some of them challenging – she has constantly found a way to get the best results with her clients, always developing an individual, personal relationship with each of them. She uses nature as her ally and believes that where there is Will, there is always Power.