Devan Dippennar

Personal Trainer at Mayfair

Area of expertise: Sport Specific, Body Composition

Devan has joined us from Sunny South Africa with a vast amount of experience in the fitness industry pushing on 12 years.

He has a level 3 diploma in advanced personal training specializing in a number of areas such as pre and post natal, crossfit training, aesthetic sculpting and body transformations.

Devan has a background of playing sports at the highest level, notably pursuing a professional career in rugby. Unfortunately a couple of knee injuries ended his career early but also opened doors for his passion for the fitness industry.

In the last couple of years, Devan has found his niche competing on the stage and was fortunate enough to have won a numerous shows in the IFBB, and now is a fully sponsored competitor athlete. He uses is experience to train and prepare other athletes on the competitive stage.

Devan lives by his philosophy of practice what you preach and with this, he feels he can empathize with and motivate his clients better. Feel free to have a chat about anything fitness related as he loves to educate and offer advice.