Dan Redwood

Personal Trainer at City

Area of expertise: Scientific core training, movement assessment

During his time within the industry Dan has trained numerous clients with various different goals. Having studied for a National Diploma in Sport and Fitness, focusing primarily on anatomy, training techniques and kickboxing, he moved on to train with Premier Training International, qualifying as a REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.??More recently Dan has qualified with Precision Nutrition and has completed Eric Cressey and Mike Reinolds’ Functional Stability Programme, covering all facets of the body from Upper body and Lower body training to functional core training.

Further to his training certifications Dan is also qualified to teach Spin and group exercise such as circuits and core stability. Additionally he is a qualified lifeguard and Level 2 Cricket Coach the latter of which he uses to help run the youth sides at his local cricket club.

Dan has over a decade’s worth of experience and works with many clients in corrective exercise, weight loss, muscle building and strength and conditioning training, he has achieved great success with many clients in all of these fields. He believes that a combination of structured training and an expert understanding of nutrition is the key to achieving any goal and he prides himself on his knowledge of both key areas.

Dan regularly studies the latest research the industry has to offer from attending seminars to reading articles /books and social networking sites. He believes as a trainer and a role model it is important to keep improving his expertise in order to help clients obtain optimal results.

Personally Dan has had a lifelong passion for fitness and has competed in many physical activities from football and golf through to swimming. His main sporting passion though is cricket to which he now plays at a semi-professional standard within the Kent premier league.