Dan Drummond

Personal Trainer at Mayfair

Area of expertise: Mobility & Injury Prevention

As well conducting 1-1 sessions Dan runs weekly workshops in all 3 sites (Mayfair, Chelsea and the City) to help further the development and knowledge of our already highly knowledgeable and expert level of trainers. It’s incredibly important to stay at the forefront of our ever changing industry. Consistent development and training helps the team stay at the top of their games to deliver the very best quality of sessions and highest level of service.

Dan has 7 years experience in the industry, played competitive rugby for 20 years, competed in numerous Triathlons, Tough Mudders, run the London Marathon and is a very keen golfer. These experiences have made him who he is today-an enthusiastic and determined trainer who will be supporting you every step of the way. Every person has a different body type. You have to be trained differently and effectively. Some people need high intensity exercises, others may need more weight training, or more advice on lifestyle choices & nutrition. You may think you know what you need, but without the right professional advice you may be executing the wrong type of training and technique. Therefore you may not be seeing the desired changes in your physique. With Dan and his expertise by your side, he will help you achieve those exact goals.

To improve his expertise and ability, Dan strives to gain the best qualifications. He also attends workshops and reads many articles published by some of the world’s most highly regarded trainers.