Dan Carpenter

Personal Trainer at Kensington & Chelsea

Area of expertise: Muscle building

Daniel has attained a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Brighton. During his studies he was able to specialise in strength and conditioning, and completed his dissertation in exercise physiology. In his final year at University, Daniel gained valuable experience in training and creating specialist exercise programmes for youth academy Cricket and Rugby players.

As well as academic study, Daniel was introduced to Futsal (a fast paced, highly skilled version of five-aside football), and went on to represent the University of Brighton team in the National Championships, helping them become the top club in the country. Daniel has been involved in sport and exercise from a very young age, competing in martial arts and football from the age of four. Daniel is currently training for his black belt in Karate and plays both five-aside and eleven-aside football in weekly leagues. In order to improve and maintain performance both in the dojo and on the pitch, Daniel regularly attends the gym, specifically involving weight training, plyometrics and fat trimming conditioning in his training regime.

A combination of practical and academic expertise in the field of Sport and Exercise Science led Daniel to pursue his personal training qualifications as soon as he graduated. Daniel is a personable, versatile and knowledgeable trainer who always aims to incorporate a wide variety of exercise techniques in his sessions. His programming is designed to get you to your goals fast, whilst having a challenging and enjoyable time.