Colin Hughes

Personal Trainer at City

Area of expertise: Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Colin has spent the past decade advancing both his formal education and his practical application of health. He currently holds a Diploma in Sport and Recreation, as well as Gym Instruction, Personal Training, and Holistic Massage. Further, he also holds a level 6 certificate in Sports Nutrition – all of which he graduated with a distinction and top of his class. Colin’s time as a trainer has taught him how to adapt his coaching style to fit the individual client and to always put their progress, both physical and mental, as his number one priority. In working directly with clients, he has gained insight into how personal health can be life changing for some and how important it is to communicate the right health message to your audience.

Colin would delight in the opportunity to work with and support clients through their physical and mental development in the ever growing fitness industry. He has professional experience in numerous fitness settings including establishing his own training business, working as a trainer in one of Dublin’s busiest gyms as well as working with athletes on the football field. He has now relocated to London in order to be part of the Matt Roberts Personal Training team.

Colin subscribes to the latest research studies in Health and prides himself on giving the most up to date and relevant information to all his clients in order to help them to reach their individual goals. He is constantly striving to improve his knowledge and skills in order to help each and every client to become the best version of themselves.