Anya Steporowska

Personal Trainer at City

Anya is an enthusiastic, dynamic and committed personal trainer always developing and implementing new ways for training. She has been fortunate enough to be involved in sport for most of her life, representing her school in both athletics and volleyball. Whilst growing up Anya developed a love for self-defence and trained in various martial arts such as kickboxing, boxing and Judo. Whilst studying for her master’s degree in Physical Education and Sports in Poland she gained experience in a wide range of sports. Fascinated by the human body Anya completed her Level 4 Massage Therapist which furthered her passion for functional movement as a way to optimise health.

Anya has exceptional nutritional knowledge having studied Nutrition and Dietetics in Poland.  Starting off her career teaching core conditioning, spin, circuit and high intensity interval classes within the fitness industry, she then progressed and broadened her knowledge into Olympic Lifting and TRX classes by attending regular workshops

‘I am excited when sharing my passion for fitness whilst being dedicated to helping my clients achieve their goals. I believe through Personal Training I have the opportunity to develop positive values and attitudes and make a substantial change to individuals, which will make a positive impact on society in the long-term’.

Anya believes in making exercise fun and tailoring every programme to suit the individual so that it can be realistically achieved and adapted alongside all the other demands of day to day living.