Alex Fogacci

Personal Trainer at Mayfair

Area of expertise: Physique & body composition training

Alex has been passionate about fitness since the moment he joined a health Club, more than ten years ago. His personal experience has led him to truly believe that everybody is able to reach any goal with the combination of perseverance, hard work, dedication and good knowledge.

After several years in the gym with various health professionals and athletes, he decided to make a living from his passion, sharing his dynamism and experience. He graduated in 2010 in Corsica with the highly recognised CSJC Diploma (Personal Training with specialisation in cardiovascular conditioning and strength training). This comprehensive diploma helped him gain the skills to help people reach their targets, varying from fat loss and power development, as well as developing progressive plans for event preparation from 5k to marathon running.

He started as a personal trainer in one of the most prestigious clubs in Corsica, and worked hard to improve his skills whilst being mentored by two nationally renowned coaches. This led to his involvement in preparatory work for clients participating in the Paris-Dakar rally, and trained him to handle professional regional volleyball and handball players. He has absorbed and further developed their techniques and skills, added his own, and joins our team more a ‘master’ than a ‘rookie’.

Alex chose to give his career a step up and moved to London in 2011, where he continues to improve and learn.

He likes challenges and decided to push himself to the limit competing at the WBFF fitness model category.