About Yogasphere

At the heart of Yogasphere is the simple mantra to ‘be enlightened’ and the belief that yoga is a ‘living – breathing philosophy’, capable of transforming the body and the mind. Founded in 2013, over 40,000 clients have since graced the signature eco-friendly Yogasphere mats, planting 10 trees per class through the growth of their yoga practice.

Spear-heading the rooftop yoga craze, the Yogasphere team have taken practice to dizzying heights, bringing weekly classes to the top of iconic landmarks, The Shard and The Gherkin.

With a core team of cross-disciplinary teachers dedicated to upholding and evolving the Science of Yoga, each class is designed around one of six wellness spheres, created to bring the body into harmony with nature.


The Six Spheres

Both ambient and infrared heated classes and mindfulness classes come under six categories

Mindfulness + Stress Relief

Classes focus on breath, mindfulness for better sleep and improving mental health by bring balance

Increase Energy

Classes designed to be dynamic, uplifting classes for increasing energy and strength

Boost Metabolism

Classes that are designed with organs in mind and key vitals out improving immune system and health for inside out

Inner Alignment

Yoga for the mind and spirit. Exploring philosophy, spirituality + the great traditions of yoga

Toning + Flexibility

Focus on Core Mobility and improving posture and sculpting the body

Rest + Rejuvenate

Slower yoga practice with props/support to relax into serenity and calmness


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