Our wellness menu is designed to offer both a medical and holistic 3D approach to your health and wellbeing. We offer a range of services, including IV nutrition, gut and hormone assessments, nutritional support and skin health analysis.

IV Drips

We offer bespoke IV drips which deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream to support collagen production, improve skin function, enhance wellbeing and boost metabolism.

Bespoke IV Drip £300

Booster shots:
Glutathione – master antioxidant £75
Vitamin B12 – energy and mood boosting £75

Nutritionist Consult

A detailed consultation with our esteemed nutritionist to examine how your gut health and vitamin and mineral profile impacts your skin and wellbeing. Following this, a bespoke nutrition programme is devised to comprehensively support your aesthetic goals. After your Nutritionist Consult, a personalised IV drip schedule will be prescribed, comprising of your personal cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

60 minutes

Nutritional Assessment £250

Hormone Health Consult

A detailed consultation with our Bio-Identical Hormone Specialist to analyse how your hormone profile could be impacting the condition and ageing
of your skin. Following this, a closely monitored bespoke programme of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy is devised to replace and rebalance your levels.

60 minutes

Hormone Assessment £250

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