We recommend incorporating a healthy nutritional programme and exercise regime alongside our treatments. Our nutrition experts are on hand to provide nutritional support alongside Matt Roberts Evolution fitness experts who work closely with our body specialists.

Consultation and Diagnostics

Every journey with the Decree Clinic begins with a detailed consultation with one of our practitioners specialising in our integrated approach. We conduct a technical skin analysis and a physical appraisal of your skin’s needs. For body treatments, our specialists carry out a Body Composition Analysis. This is your time to really communicate your concerns and expectations and for us to thoroughly examine your skin’s condition and put together a bespoke treatment plan.

45 minutes

£400 with Medical Director (non redeemable)

£150 with a Decree Clinic Practitioner (fully redeemable against treatments and Integrated Health Testing)

Abdominal Sculpting

An impressive targeted treatment trio of proven body contouring therapies, X-wave Acoustic Therapy, Exilis Elite and Emsculpt, effectively reshape the silhouette via fat reduction and muscle toning.

60 minutes

Sculpting session £900

Bottom Lifting

In this targeted treatment of proven body contouring therapies – Exilis Elite and EMsculpt – we effectively reshape the silhouette via skin tightening and muscle toning. Our treatment protocol works your gluteal muscles to a supramaximal level, with each session being the equivalent of 20,000 squats.

70 minutes

£750 per treatment

Cellulite Protocol

Our comprehensive cellulite treatment employs acoustic waves and radiofrequency to tackle the root causes of cellulite for a deep and lasting result. This is prefixed by Adiposis Mesotherapy which delivers fat eliminating L-Carnitine deep into the skin. Finally, Lymphastim therapy speeds up fat cell and toxin elimination to conclude the protocol.

75 minutes

From £750

Skin Tightening Protocol

The ideal solution to crepey, lax body skin using FDA-approved Exilis Elite dual radiofrequency and ultrasound technology. This painless treatment offers convincing results on the knees, décolletage, upper arms and any skin slackening due to ageing, weight loss or pregnancy.

60 minutes 

£550 Per Body Area

Stretchmark Protocol

A multi-targeted approach to tackling stretchmarks using Elixis Elite radiofrequency and ultrasound technology plus medical-grade microneedling and deep Mesotherapy. This combination therapy visibly reduces stretchmarks caused by pregnancy, puberty or weight gain.

90 minutes

From £750

Workout Recovery Protocol

Follow your training session with FDA approved Lymphastim technology, which works to speed up lactic acid elimination and boost muscle recovery. Medical grade Pressotherapy is delivered once immersed into the Lymphastim bodysuit. The chambers within the bodysuit use air pressure systems, alternating between compression and decompression, which helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and aid muscle repair.

40 minutes

Lymphastim & IV Drip

£450 Per Treatment

30 minutes


£200 Per Treatment

Optional Add Ons

Collagen Catalyst IV Drip
40 minutes

Metabolic Boost IV Drip
40 minutes

Vitamin B12 shot
10 minutes

Glutathione Antioxidant shot
10 minutes

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