About Mayfair Physiotherapy


Mayfair Physiotherapy offers unrivalled expertise and high quality care. We have an expert team of Specialist Physiotherapists with years of experience led by Simon Gilchrist. With years of extensive experience we offer you an excellent diagnostic ability to allow you the fastest route to recovery. With a thorough clinical assessment often combining with a team of leading Doctors and Specialists, we will design and create a bespoke program to ensure you make a full complete recovery to achieve your goals.

We ensure an accurate clinical assessment is provided which allows us to assess the pathology and movement characteristics of your injury.


An accurate diagnosis of what is contributing to your pain or injury is important to give you a sense of control over your injury. We combine a hands on approach with specific exercises to help you recover faster. This may include mobilisation, manipulation, tissue work and needling if appropriate. We use a combination of movement based therapies and strength work using modern equipment to aid your recovery. Our belief is that all patients should be treated like elite athletes.


Specialist Physiotherapy
Acupuncture And Dry Needling
Diagnostic Ultrasound
Pain Medicine
Functional Training
Video Analysis
Tendon Loading
Shockwave therapy

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Following the announcement that all restaurants, bars, cafes and gyms must close during this period of dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, we are sorry to say that we have to temporarily close our doors until such time that the Government advice is that we can reopen.

We are dealing with this challenge in the same way as many other companies in London. We are standing by our team throughout so that once it passes (as this first phase will hopefully do so in a relatively short period) we can look after their well-being and be ready to resume business at that point with our loyal team.

Whilst nobody wants to have to suspend services, the health of our clients and team is vital and we will do what we need to do in order to expedite the end of this crisis period.