Stunning natural surroundings, five star facilities and award winning food, Lime Wood is a boutique country house set in the heart of the New Forest, and it is the perfect luxurious getaway location for a Matt Roberts Retreat.

The retreat combines Matt Roberts’ dedicated training programme with Lime Wood’s natural forest surroundings, beautifully redeveloped Matt Roberts gym and the freshest local fare to help you kick start your journey to a healthier way of living! The Retreat at Lime Wood is designed to encourage you to reconsider the way in which you approach exercise and also to inspire you to think differently about your lifestyle choices.


Matt and his expert team will coach you through five hours of training each day with a varied and intense programme combining a range of exercise styles including running, strength training, high intensity work, Yoga and Pilates. All of your training will be tailored according to your preferences and abilities and has been designed to ignite or rekindle your love of fitness in the most luxurious way possible!

To find out more about our retreat at Lime Wood, please read their fact sheet.


Saturday 21st – Monday 23rd March 2020

A retreat designed to push your boundaries! Perfect for regular exercisers who want to shake up their routine, for those who have goals or events to aim for, or those looking to learn how to improve their overall fitness.

Matt and the team will break down the different components of fitness, and guide you to push your own training that bit further, whilst also building in accessory exercises.

This retreat will be challenging with over 16 hours of training sessions, including cardio sessions, strength-based sessions, core sessions, metabolic sessions and recovery sessions, all to be balanced out with restorative full-body massages, nourishing and re-fuelling food and down time.


Saturday 19th – Monday 21st September 2020

A retreat focused on holistic health for the best fitness results. Designed to help you to feel energised, happier and more motivated.

The retreat is suitable for any fitness level and takes a 360degree look at how to get moving; starting from the basics of setting personal goals and programmes, understanding the foundations of best fitness practice and learning how to build and maintain fitness levels. 16 hours of training will include cardio sessions and metabolic sessions, but will also include a focus on back and core care, stretching, recovery and yoga.

Matt and the team will also discuss how following a regular exercise program can have beneficial effects on mental health, and how feeling great can help you to move more! The retreat will also look at positive nutrition and the role it plays in helping you to reach your goals.


Please email or call 020 7491 9989.