Ed Kerry

Club Manager & Senior Trainer

Ed Kerry

Areas of Expertise:

  • Running Bio-Mechanical Specialist

Our Club Manager Ed is a highly competitive endurance athlete and ex serviceman that offers a very dedicated and professional approach to his clients’ training sessions.

He believes that training should be relevant to your fitness goals and lifestyle, utilising functional movement patterns to help his clients achieve this. An excellent communicator, he is particularly adaptive to his clients needs. He effectively motivates clients to achieve what they first think to be impossible by instilling a strong sense of trust and understanding.

With accolades such as running the London Marathon five times (one in full fire kit), being a Guinness World Record Holder, completing the Three Peaks Challenge, trekking the Sahara Desert, being the second Briton to complete the 2015 Marathon Des Sables, and having three back to back ultra- marathons under his belt (and arriving first in all three), Ed is not shy of a challenge. This innate enthusiasm transpires to his training sessions with his clients. Just when you think your tank is empty, Ed helps you to push through and his clients’ results speak for themselves.


To train with Ed, please get in touch with our client services team at enquiries@mattroberts.co.uk

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