The Client Experience

Having pioneered one-to-one personal training within the UK in the 1990’s, we are still cited as the ‘go to name’ for the top names within the industry – even after all these years. For many, our whole ethos complements their busy lifestyles, and it is why people keep coming back. Our results speak for themselves. We are not about the latest fads and trends but tried and tested methods founded on the latest industry thinking where our clients always remain at the heart.

Our expert team, including international athletes and world class competition winners, represent the best in the industry. Their depth of technical and scientific knowledge is evident in our style and approach, both from a diet and fitness perspective. Unlike others, we do not judge or critique but work with each person to find a solution that is unique to them.

Everyone that steps foot through our door is different and knowing this is the reason why we get such good results. The ability to draw conclusions from an initial consultation (focusing on diet, fitness and therapy) allows us to build an in-depth picture of that person – it is why we have made it compulsory for anyone joining. Although our programmes are underpinned by fundamental philosophies; manipulation of repetitions, tempos, rest periods and loads within a combination of big compound and strength training, they provide the stimulus for clients to achieve great results.

Matt Roberts
From a cardiovascular perspective, we use the most efficient styles of training to best achieve the physiological adaptions required. Our ability to use the science behind the training in a fun and dynamic format means sessions are both enjoyable and effective. From a customer service perspective we pride ourselves on the comparisons made with top class hotels or restaurants. Every aspect of the experience has been thought about, no matter how big or small, and is designed to support a busy life. All you need to do is turn up.

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