Movember – Tips For The Boys

Movember – Tips For The Boys

1) Do full body workouts

Workouts should focus on compound exercises that work as many muscle groups as possible. This leads to a better anabolic hormonal response to training, meaning greater testosterone release, ultimately meaning more muscle. Full body workouts also result in greater energy expenditure per workout.

2) Remember, you can’t out exercise a bad diet!

The foods you eat are going to have the biggest impact on you reaching your training goals. Eat real foods and focus on getting plenty of veggies and fruit onto your plate!

3) Keep it simple

Don’t over complicate training whether its weights or cardio, focus on quality work over quantity.

4) Perform maintenance on your body

Make foam rolling, mobility drills and stretching part of your routine. These will enhance performance, help prevent injury and make your body feel great.

5) Use weights to improve cardio and burn fat

Perform density-style circuits to improve work capacity, build muscle and torch body fat. Pick an exercise for each of the following movements; lower body, upper push, upper pull and core. Complete as many rounds as you can within 15 minutes working in the 8-12 rep range. This is a great way to train when time is short.

6) Find a training partner

Training partners will help push you harder and add an element of competition to workouts. Being accountable to a friend will improve adherence to any training programme.

7) Develop a pre-bed routine

A lot is made of the number of hours you should sleep each night, but most importantly is ensuring the sleep you do get is good quality. Creating a pre-bed routine that involves habits such as reading, taking a hot bath, diming the lights and including crabs in your evening meal all help to ensure a restful slumber.