Keep The Goal The Goal

Keep The Goal The Goal

At Matt Roberts we believe in helping clients clarify and set the right kind of goals so they can achieve their lifestyle aspirations. However, coming up with goals is often the easy part. Sticking to them is the hard part.

Creating goals and putting them into motion is an important part of staying motivated and inspired when trying to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. The right kind of goals will help to focus and direct a person’s thinking and behaviour, and most importantly will lead to positive action.

For many people coming up with a goal is the fun part. They get to imagine where they want to go and how great it’s all going to be when they get there. However, sticking to the goal in the real world is much harder especially when a whole lot of other goals start to seem more appealing. For some people it may sound something like this “I want to lose fat, gain muscle (but not too much), rehab my shoulder and run a tough mudder.”

It’s not to say that people shouldn’t have such aspirations as all these are perfectly valid goals, it is just that when people try to change a lot of things at the same time the result is often that not much ends up changing.

At Matt Roberts we like to help our clients focus, prioritise and to decide what truly matters right now (they can always reevaluate). We encourage them to be ruthlessly honest with their judgments and to understand that by saying “yes” to something means that they are saying “no” to something else. By narrowing things down our clients can focus on one thing at a time with their full attention which in turn increases the likelihood of success.

Strength coach Dan John couldn’t have put it better when he said “the goal is to keep the goal the goal.”

If you feel like you need help and direction with your goal setting and exercise program then come and visit one of our four London sites in Chelsea, Hampstead, Mayfair and the City.

By Rob Aitken, Senior Trainer